Smart data.
Verified value.

We examine. We advise.

Elenios specializes in the independent review of product information in all media and across all sectors.

We support companies throughout the communication process: Either internal e.g. from development to (product) marketing or external in their communication with the end customer. We do this by examining relevant data in marketing or customer information materials. Hence, we help to inform correctly and avoid mistakes. Potential sources of error include a manual transmission of data, a decentralized media production by agencies or a lack of compliance awareness for example.

The Elenios test algorithm starts exactly at this point. The data check ensures that the communication of data across all media takes place in line with applicable law and compliance policies.

In addition, we advise companies throughout the marketing process and help them to comply with legal requirements. Thus, our solutions are an integral part of companies' compliance, communication and risk management.

Our test algorithm

Internal processes and approvals have short decision-making times. An additional 4-eye compliance check or compliance policy should not interfere with this process within a company. This is where our service comes in: the software-based examination of data.

Our strength is a very high level of automation. Our tests can be easily and efficiently integrated into existing product development and marketing processes based on specially developed test algorithms.

We help our customers

Driving the core business forward

We test for our customers and thus keep their backs free - so our customers can focus their attention on their core issues.

Comply with requirements and guidelines

EU law as well as internal compliance policies and compliance with them are very demanding for companies. Elenios helps to correctly represent communication data in all advertising media.

Minimize risks proactively

The tests are efficient and uncomplicated, sources of error are automatically detected and reported to our customers. This significantly reduces the risk of external costs, such as a withdrawal from the contract, price reductions or contractual penalties.


Complete integrity towards our customers is the basis of our trusting collaboration.


Professionalism is the core of our service offerings, which convice with their high level of automation and integrated testing mechanisms.

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